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My name is Becky.
😺 "So every weekend when you're living, singing 'life is short,' you better think again 'cause growing up's the longest haul. I don't think that I will." 😺
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If you ever get the chance, see Relient K live. Their energy on stage was incredible, and they interact with the audience in ways I haven’t seen any band do before. Their live performance sounds just as good as (maybe even better than) their records. Last night at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park NJ, I was lucky enough to see them, and I eventually made my way to the gate, right in front of Matt Thiessen. Being that close to them opened up a brand new connection between myself, the band, and the music. I made eye contact with Matt T a bunch of times, and he would smile and his face would light up, mimicking mine as I watched them perform with wonder in my expression. Honestly, though, Relient K is a very lovely band in every way imaginable, and if you ever get the opportunity to experience one of their concerts, take it. You won’t regret it… I promise.

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    I cannot cosign on this enough, also the guys are super friendly and nice!!!
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    Seriously, so interactive. When they were in my town, they played at least one song from every album, three from...
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    So true!!
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