...but actually.

hello Mr. Funny Man!!
My name is Becky.
😺 "So every weekend when you're living, singing 'life is short,' you better think again 'cause growing up's the longest haul. I don't think that I will." 😺
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Gerard is 37, Pete is 35, Patrick is 30, and Brendon is 27.

If you put that in a different perspective, when Gerard was a senior, Pete was a sophomore, Patrick was in 5th grade, and Brendon was in 2nd.

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"are you searching for purpose? then right something, yeah, it might be worthless… pointless curses nonsense verses. you’ll see purpose start to surface…."

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You can tell he loves his own music because of the way he acts during the best part of each song. Either that or he’s just the smoothest man alive.


Passion Pit, “Moth’s Wings”

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this is my favourite picture on the internet


smoking we’d

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Team I hate my parents